Consider this a kitchen table where those of us who have interest in making the world a better place to live can sit and dream together about what is possible.  Then make plans and encourage each other to get up and go do it. Eventually the question arises, “How much do we have in the bank to accomplish our dreams?”  No matter what the dollar amount, our greatest assets can’t be seen on a spreadsheet.

How much do we trust each other?  How well do we communicate?  What kind of heritage and reputation do we have?  Who do we depend on that is greater than ourselves? Who do we know that is committed to what we are doing?    Is it fun to be together? What are we willing to sacrifice to see our goals accomplished?  Are there values that we follow no matter what the cost?  What great hope do we share?  How much combined experience and knowledge do we have?  Are we able to listen, support, forgive each other?

The answer to these questions reveal our greatest assets, a sacred trust. Though not visible in raw form, we can identify, create, protect and invest these valuable resources in service of the vision that brings us to this table.  You are invited to join the conversation as we pool our invisible assets for the common good.  Together, we can explore safe, simple and profitable means to translate our social capital into financial resources that allow dreams to become reality. Our mission depends on safe and wise stewardship of our relationships.

Contributor and moderator Dr. Ron King has is committed to providing Invisible Assets as an experiential learning community for those interested in practicing a just, compassionate and conscious form of capitalism that supports our greatest intentions.  Experienced in restorative justice, family enrichment, therapeutic communities and spiritual support, he is devoted to finding creative ways for social benefit dreams become a sustainable reality.


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